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Posted April, 2017

From "Peter Eeles speaking with Alan Shimel at IBM Interconnect 2017. Peter is a world wide lead for DevOps adoption at IBM. Peter has been compiling metrics on all of the workshops that IBM has been doing on DevOps for last several years. Crunching these numbers provides real insight into the state of DevOps. Great information!"

DevOps Adoption - How do You Compare? (Presentation)

Posted March, 2017. Presented at IBM InterConnect in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

IBM has conducted over 100 in-depth DevOps workshops with clients. Several recurring challenges have emerged, along with their resolutions. What did these organizations do to improve, and how do you compare? What results did these organizations achieve? This session presents an analysis of workshop results with a view to helping you fine-tune your own DevOps transformation.

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Accelerating Your DevOps Journey (Presentation)

Posted October, 2016. Presented at DevOps Strategy Forum in London, UK

This is a general presentation that was used as the basis of a discussion of how to accelerate a DevOps transformation, based on some proven practices. Much of this is common sense, but the presentation also includes experience-based suggestions on how to move forward that you might find useful.

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The DevOps (R)evolution: Part 1 (Blog Post)

Posted June, 2016 in DZone

There is no doubting that DevOps is the new kid on the block; every organization I talk with these days has a vague notion of what DevOps is and a sense of which DevOps practices they would like to introduce. There are, however, three recurring concerns that can be addressed by recognizing that the shift to a DevOps world is not a revolution, but an evolution of the rich heritage of delivery practices, some of which you are probably already applying.

The DevOps (R)evolution: Part 2 (Blog Post)

Posted June, 2016 in DZone

Part 1 of this blog post suggested that we should recognize that the shift to a DevOps world is not a revolution, but an evolution of our rich heritage of delivery practices. In part 2 I conclude my summary of the different eras of "best practice" before addressing the questions originally posed.

DevOps is a Risky Business (Blog Post)

Posted May, 2016 in

I spend a considerable amount of time with clients discussing DevOps and the potential value it can bring to them, but there is one theme that always resonates: the ability of a DevOps approach to eliminate risk. While many of us understand the benefits in terms of being faster (improved productivity), cheaper (reduced cost) and better (improved quality), I find that a conversation based around risk, especially when talking to the business or department heads, usually gets straight to their concerns in a language they understand.

DevOps for Banking (Presentation)

Posted February, 2016. Presented at InterConnect 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Banks depend on the reliable exchange of data, and every development project needs to maximize the chances of a successful client experience by minimizing the potential of any IT-related failure within the bank. This requires both automated testing and smooth, continuous release management. This session will give IBM's point of view on how to implement quality checks as early as possible, run tests as often as possible, and integrate automated testing with release management to minimize the complexity of deployment. Attendees will be provided with practical guidance on how they can realize their DevOps vision.

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DevOps and Agile Transformation - Creating a Strategic Roadmap (Presentation)

Posted February, 2016. Presented at InterConnect 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

The transformation from a Waterfall methodology to a Lean/DevOps/Agile way of working can be done either with ad hoc pilots or via a transformation strategy. Ad-hoc pilots tend to provide short-term wins, but without a strategic roadmap these pilots typically don't progress to an enterprise rollout. For IBM, the transformation strategy for one area of the business resulted in a $41 million cost avoidance in the first year. In this session, attendees will hear about transformation strategies that have worked both for IBM's clients and for IBM's own application and product development organizations.

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Hybrid Cloud - Your Path to Business Agility (Presentation)

Posted October, 2015. Presented at IBM Business Connect 2015 in Copenhagen, Denmark

This presentation was delivered as the Cloud Keynote at the IBM Business Connect 2015 event. The introduction covers the business and IT context, before defining hybrid cloud and other concepts (such as IaaS, PaaS and SaaS). An industry perspective, based on the work of several analyst organisations, is then provided, before concluding with a summary of how IBM can help.

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Relating System Quality and Software Architecture (Book)

Published August, 2014 by Morgan Kaufmann (ISBN: 0124170099)

Co-editor of this book, which focuses on the influence of software architecture in achieving system qualities. From the publisher: "Contributions from leading researchers and industry evangelists detail the techniques required to achieve quality management in software architecting, and the best way to apply these techniques effectively in various application domains (especially in cloud, mobile and ultra-large-scale/internet-scale architecture) Taken together, these approaches show how to assess the value of total quality management in a software development process, with an emphasis on architecture. The book explains how to improve system quality with focus on attributes such as usability, maintainability, flexibility, reliability, reusability, agility, interoperability, performance, and more. It discusses the importance of clear requirements, describes patterns and tradeoffs that can influence quality, and metrics for quality assessment and overall system analysis. The last section of the book leverages practical experience and evidence to look ahead at the challenges faced by organizations in capturing and realizing quality requirements, and explores the basis of future work in this area".

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